Company Policy

The management of Bajamar has defined its Policy with the knowledge and collaboration of all the members of the company, due to its commitment to product quality and safety, and respect for the environment.

In this way, Bajamar intends that its mission and company values ​​be present in the working operations and that both the members of the company and the economic agents who are in contact with Bajamar, may perceive and appreciate them as a management of continuous improvement, that makes compatible the structure and origin of a family business with the commitment to evolution, productivity, continuous improvement and adaptation to changes in the market and society.

The main points that have been established as a reflection of this ideology and objectives are:

1. Customer orientation and consumer orientation

Our work focuses on offering the customer a satisfactory product in food quality and safety.

Likewise, the final consumer is the real user of our product. For this reason, we are finally oriented to satisfy your quality expectations and offer you a safe product that favors your quality of life (products without additives, at competitive prices, for a balanced diet, …) in a process of continuous improvement of products such and as indicated by our company mission:

“Our goal is to facilitate the balanced diet of the population, based on traditional Navarre and Spanish cuisine, as an integral part of the Mediterranean diet.”

Part of their social commitment, closely linked to their mission, is to contribute to fostering a culture of healthy eating, through their own product developments, communications, web, talks to consumers and so on.

2. Environmental responsibility

Bajamar is involved in the Navarra Community from the origin, rigorously respecting environmental measures and investing in facilities and processes that minimize the impact of its activity on the environment and the prevention of pollution.

3. Sustainability

We look for the Sustainability of our business over time in all aspects and for all parties involved: customers, suppliers, workers and society in general. Our ideal is to improve day by day, consolidating our achievements and improving the weak points.

4. Ethical and personal responsibility

Bajamar Management works to consolidate and promote ethics and personal responsibility among all parties that interact with the company, starting with our staff, which is a fundamental pillar of our success and whose work has a direct impact on our clients. We believe that ethics and values ​​should be integrated in the daily deal with our collaborators and in the way of doing business, both with customers and with suppliers. For this reason Bajamar’s team is committed to truth in eventual incidents of food quality and safety, and business ethics in the daily market operations.

On the other hand, Bajamar, as a sign of its social commitment, collaborates with different charities by donating products, including tests and production remains that, being suitable for consumption, are not commercialized. Thus, we achieve a social and at the same time environmental objective, because instead of generating waste, we obtain an advantage of the products and benefit disadvantaged social groups.

We must show a positive attitude of overcoming, looking for new challenges and preparing ourselves to face the future with guarantees of success, to be more competitive and to strengthen ourselves in the market.

5. Product requirements

The Safety and Quality of our products is our main responsibility. Our products offer the client all health guarantees, complying with all legal requirements, internal processes and specifications required by our customers.

6. Commitment

Bajamar Management is committed to supporting the Food Quality and Safety System, and providing it with all the necessary resources for its optimal functioning and for achieving the defined objectives and requests all company employees to comply with the requirements they compete.

Bajamar undertakes to use all available means to prevent fraud in the manufacture and marketing of its products, faithfully complying with legislation and transparency of information.