Mediterranean Diet and healthy life

In a healthy life, food is very important. It is also convenient to do some exercise and follow some sleep routines that allow a regenerative rest.

From Bajamar we propose some guidelines for a balanced diet based on the Mediterranean Diet.

The diet should preferably be varied, including all food groups, which contain the different nutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat, and vitamins and minerals, all necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Most of the intake of the diet must come from carbohydrates, approximately 60%, trying not to exceed 10% of the daily calories from simple carbohydrates, such as sugar. 15% protein and 25% fat.

That 25% fat equals 5 tablespoons of olive oil a day. But keep in mind that the intake of fats includes all the contributions of fat, those of the food itself and those used in its preparation. One of the pillars of the Mediterranean Diet is olive oil, the best ally of a healthy cooking, since it prevents cholesterol.

In a weekly diet should include:

  • Vegetables: Twice a day

  • Fruit: 3 pieces daily

  • Protein: Fish and lean or white meats alternately leaving red meats and sausages for sporadic occasions. Eggs, up to 4 per week

  • Pulses: 2/3 days a week, always as a single or main dish, not as a starter

  • Dairy: 2/3 servings a day (for example, a glass of milk and a yogurt)

  • Bread, rice and pasta, daily

Bajamar Mamia Dieta Mediterranea Vegetales Pescado
Bajamar Mamia Dieta Mediterranea Aceite Vegetales

A common error is the size of the portions, the trend is to overfeed. A portion of lean meat protein equals about 125 gr., Fish 125-150 gr.

Saturated fats, sweets, sugary and alcoholic beverages are not forbidden, but should be consumed occasionally and within a balanced diet.

These dietary considerations are for a healthy adult, when you have to treat high cholesterol, hypertension, overweight, it is advisable to have the support of a medical specialist to monitor the diet and help us integrate it into our daily lives.

Similarly if you follow a vegetarian or even more vegan diet, which requires to control the supply of nutrients, to ensure there is no lack of any of them.

Bajamar contributes to facilitate this balanced diet with totally natural canned vegetables. Asparagus, for example, is a great source of fiber and is very low in calories. As well as the peppers, a magnificent garnish, low in calories, and with a high content of vitamin A and C.

The Mediterranean Diet of Mamía are a good way to integrate pulses into the weekly diet. Cooked with vegetables and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, without preservatives or colorings, it is a 100% natural, balanced and delicious dish.

It is also necessary to include raw fruits and vegetables in the diet. The salad allows many variations that avoid boredom. Roasted sweet peppers from Bajamar will give a touch of color and sweetness, and a Navarra asparagus a gourmet touch.

All our products include in their labeling the ingredients and the nutritional claims, to facilitate the consumer the integration of our preserves into their daily diet.

Bajamar Mamia Dieta Mediterranea Familia