The Mediterranean diet is based in a balanced way of eating, based on the traditional products of the Mediterranean countries.
Nowadays it is considered one of the healthiest diets.

The first point to clear up is what the Mediterranean diet consists of. We must take into account that there are differences among the products eaten in the different countries of this geographic area, as well as the methods of preparing them. It would be also a mistake to identify exactly what it is eaten nowadays in many of the homes with the food eaten traditionally in the Mediterranean area.

The Mediterranean diet is characterised by its high consumption of fruit, vegetables, cereals and fish, in comparison to a low consumption of meat and animal products such as dairy products and eggs.

               flechaOlive oil

aceiteis one the pillars of the Mediterranean diet. It is the principal source of fats, and the main medium used for cooking. We have already dealt with its preventive value against arteriolosclerosis. It is the most suitable oil for frying due to its greater stability at high temperatures.

flechaCereals (bread, rice and pastas), vegetables and potatoes

provide important amounts of slow absorption carbohydrates as well as proteins, vitamin B, minerals and fibres.

flechaFruit and vegetables

mainly contain carbohydrates, fibres, vitamins and minerals, have no cholesterol or fats, not forgetting the exceptions (olives , nuts).frutasYverduras


                                          contains proteins similar to those of meat, and are of the same biological quality, however contain less fat.


We can also permit to complete the Mediterranean diet with a little wine, because its consumption in moderation improves cardiovascular health and contains antioxidant properties.

Its clear that a healthy diet is not incompatible with flavour, however eating habits have evolved in a negative way. The actual way of life, work, eating out, or the laziness of cooking just for oneself , has meant good habits are forgotten.

In order to help you, Mamia has a specific line of vegetables under the category " Mediterranean Diet". Ready for heating and serving. Cocked for you with vegetables and 100% olive oil. For you to discover the pleasure of the healthy food with all the flavour.

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